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About me:
As an extremely shy child, writing was my outlet.  "Where The Lost Things Go" is my first published work.  It is illustrated by Sheila McGraw, who is famous for "Love You Forever" among many other works.  I believe God intervened to bring us together and I feel blessed each day.  My fifth grade teacher said these words to me, which have remained etched in my mind,  "May you never stop writing the beauty of words you find in your heart." 

About the Author:

Barbara Farnsworth considers herself a romantic realist. As a child, she expressed her love for words by writing poetry, enjoying the flexibility of the English language. That's the romance. The realist is the part of her that sets her sights on a goal, such as writing and publishing, and moves toward it. This whimsical book was inspired by Barbara hearing her husband say that the things he has lost will wait for him in Heaven. She lives with her husband in Connecticut, in a white house on a hill, surrounded by flower gardens.

About the Illustrator:
Sheila McGraw is an internationally recognized illustrator, painter, and author. She is the illustrator and/or author of fifteen children's and how-to books including the children's classic Love You Forever with more than twenty million copies in print; Papier-Mache For Kids, winner of the Benjamin Franklin Award; and bestseller I Promise I'll Find You. Sheila is an expat Canadian living in Texas with her husband and two cats. She is the mother of three grown sons.

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