How this all came about:

This adventure is all about new beginnings for me.  My first website and my first published children's book, "Where The Lost Things Go". I wrote the book on June 26, 2008. On February 19, 2011, through divine convergence, my book began to come alive.  I connected with a well know author/artist/illustrator, Sheila McGraw.  Sheila suggested that I create a business name email address and a website to support this new direction I was heading in.  I had no idea  how I was going to do this and temporarily put it out of my mind with intentions of following up later on what I would need to begin this new foreign journey into technology.  In casual conversation with a friend of mine I had discovered that he was being challenged in the area of web design and was helping a friend answer the very same questions I was; how to create and setup a website for a friend of his. 

Divine convergence stepping in again?  Was it just coincidence?  I think not and it is just one of the many magical coincidences that helped to shape this whole adventure.  According to my friend he felt he had enough experience to fill in the gaps and answer my questions or at least do the research to find out what is needed most.  Well the end result is what you see here and I'll let you be the judge. ;-)  The process from start to final publication of the book was met with many personal lessons for me most of which was to step back, let go and watch the magic reveal itself.  It has been quite the journey and has reaffirmed for me that dreams do come true if you follow your inner guide.

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